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Welcome to Mammoth Oaks Estate, Statesville, NC’s premier cannabis-friendly wedding venue where timeless elegance meets a modern, inclusive celebration of love. Founded on the principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and joy, our estate offers a unique sanctuary for couples who wish to intertwine the beauty of their love with the liberating spirit of cannabis. At Mammoth Oaks Estate, we believe in celebrating your day your way, offering customizable experiences that reflect your personal style while ensuring every detail adheres to local cannabis regulations.

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Statesville, NC, Mammoth Oaks Estate provides a stunning backdrop for your most cherished moments. From intimate gatherings under the canopy of ancient oaks to grand receptions in our sophisticated event spaces, we're dedicated to making your wedding unforgettable. Our commitment to diversity underscores our mission to create a welcoming, celebratory space for all. Join us and let Mammoth Oaks Estate transform your wedding into an extraordinary celebration of love and freedom.

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