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Cannabis Disclaimer

At Mammoth Oaks Estate, we celebrate the joy and uniqueness of every event while prioritizing safety, compliance, and respect for all guests and the community. Please note that any cannabis-related activities or products offered, consumed, or distributed at our venue strictly adhere to the laws of North Carolina and federal regulations. We do not endorse or facilitate the illegal use of cannabis or any other substances. We take every precaution to ensure activities and consumption are in full compliance with current state laws regarding cannabis use. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a legal, safe, and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Age Disclaimer

In keeping with our commitment to safety and legal compliance, we require that any guests wishing to partake in cannabis-related activities at our venue be at least 18 years of age. This policy is in strict adherence to North Carolina's regulations surrounding cannabis use. We kindly ask for your cooperation in ensuring that all participants meet this age requirement, as it is essential for maintaining a responsible, respectful, and legally compliant environment for everyone's enjoyment. Cannabis products will not be available for parties & events that include any underage guests.

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